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About Healing Plants 366

Provider of organic plants and natural foods.  Founded by Joan Hamilton, RN, Healing plants 366 delivers organically maintained plants for nourishing the body straight to your home.  Fostering a community of learning about the natural remedies and health benefits that can be grown in your own backyard or local markets. Nature is a beautiful thing and provides us everything we need to live healthy lives. The more we are empowered to understand the benefits and incorporate it into our daily lives, the healthier we will be.


More Natural Foods

By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you are inclined to have more as it is readily available to you.

Limited Pesticides

You decide what kinds of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with your food.

More Nutrients

Vegetables that ripen in the garden tend to have more nutrients than store-bought vegetables that must be picked early.


Gardening can be so much fun! And when you see the fruits of your labor prosper in to something beautiful and edible it brings great pride


Promoting  Nutrition Through Organic Plants

Nature provides us what we need to sustain our bodies. Here at Healing Plants 366, we pride ourselves on growing and delivering the highest quality of plants to homes for cultivating, growing and nourishinng your body.
We provide detailed care instructions for each of our plants to ensure the best possible opportunity for the plants to peak. Our mission is to empower our customers with the tools they need to grow plants as well as provide the highest quality of products possible.
We look forward to building a community to grow and share our stories on our path to nutrition.


Interested in growing food in your backyard?
Be sure talk to local gardeners to find our what fruits and vegetables thrive in your area.  Look at the tips and always follow directions delicately when raising plants.

Sun & Water

Pick a spot with 6 hours of good sunlight and access to water.


Use nutrient rich soil that has little contaminants.

Favorites to eat

Plant fruits and vegetables you like to eat.


Use a raised garden bed. This will allow you to control the soil and nutrient blends.



​Jamun, is also commonly called Black Plum. It is a evergreen tropical tree in the myrtle family and is native to  India & SE Asia. Introduced to Florida in 1911 by the USDA, 

Jamun trees easily grow 30-35' tall in their native India, and bear fruit continuously for 60-70 years. 

Commercially, jamun is used to make jellies, jams, wines, vinegar and other beverages. It is also used to make squash when combined with sugar, water, citric acid and sodium benzoate. The last one is added as a preservative. Ripe jamuns are used in making fantastic wines while unripe fruits are employed to produce tart vinegar. Packaged jamun juices are also available in the market, however, it is much better to make organic jamun juice at home.

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Antioxidants. Carotenoids, the pigments that give jackfruit its yellow color, are high in vitamin A.

Farmer Joan, RN


Gardening is by far, no simple task!  The care needed to grow beautiful healthy, edible plants is a labor of love.  Plants are living things and in order to thrive, they need the right environment.  Ensuring the right amount of sun & water coupled with nutrient rich soil is our job at Healing Plants 366. We work to deliver the highest quality plant for you to take over the work.  

Watch Farmer Joan - Prepping The Land


We vaule our customers and look forward to building a community to tips and experiences.


"In Such a wonderful community of like-minded people with shared interests in organic farming, foods, and products. The group offers a wealth of information on recipes and growing techniques all based on personal experiences which serve to inspire and motivate each other on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Love this group"


Tampa, FL


"What I like about Joan  is the interest and passion she shows in discussing therapeutics and the health benefits of healing plants. Coupling her effective ability to educate and her nursing background makes her perfect for this role in helping to change lives through natural, organic, and edible plants sources!"


Fort Lauderdale, FL

"When I buy produce from the supermarkets I realize that they don't last very long in storage. I don't have this experience when I get them from Farmer Joan at Healing Plants 366.  They are fresher, taste better, and last longer.  I guess that is what you get when your products are taken from the ground, a day before it goes into my pots or refrigerator.  I look forward to my weekly supply to feed my family as we depend on the natural, organic nutrients to keep our bodies healthy and strong.  
Thanks Farmer Joan!"


Sunrise, FL

"Healing Plants 366 has become one of my ‘go to outlet’ when I want fresh seasonal edibles like okra , peppers , and spinach. Not to mention how excited I am to be able to expand my personal garden with healthy and exotic fruit trees such as jackfruit, longan, ackee, lychee , and avocados. Thanks Farmer Joan RN." 


Kissimmee, FL


Our products are grown in South Florida and cared for with careful detail.  Click the button below to see a full listing of our products


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